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STD Test Options: Why Use At-home STD Test Kit?

Most people do not want to know their STD status not because they do not care but because they are afraid of the entire testing process. The moment some people think about the testing process, the actual test becomes more bothersome than the STD itself. This kind of thinking and setting has kept a lot of people away from knowing their STD status. Though sex has become an openly discussed topic in our society, the discussion about STDs is quite slow. Having an STD is not something people want to talk about as openly as they would talk about their sexual adventures.

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According to health statistics, one out of four people is at risk of contracting an STD. Being an active person sexually puts you at the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. The problem is that most of these STDs will not have any noticeable symptoms. This is the main cause for rapid spread of some STDs. Some people believe that you must have certain symptoms to be infected. This is a wrong approach especially because there are many STDs that will not show symptoms but the infected person can still spread the virus or bacteria.Check out your Know My Status STD and HIV testing information and get tested for STD and HIV. Get results instantly with at home std test kit.

If you are interested in getting an STD test but the embarrassment and the long process of visiting a clinic are keeping you away from knowing your status, there are other ways to get tested. Well, you can take advantage of at home std testing kits. These are test kit that helps you collect samples and send them to the lab. You will save time and avoid the embarrassment that most people are afraid of when they visit a clinic. The results will be sent to you directly and this will protect your identity. However, you will need to go to a doctor if the results happen to be positive.